Stay in a traditional Japanese house
rented exclusively for you and your guests.

Accommodation at Tabaki is offered as a whole building rental. Tabaki recommends longer stays for more than one night. This is perfect for touring Echizen's traditional industries or visiting historical sites in the local area.


The Lily Room/Yuri-No-Ma

The room at the back of the first floor was previously used as a special seated view. It is a room with window view of the beautiful garden. It can accommodate up to 4 people.

The Wisteria Room/Fuji-No-Ma

This room was previously used as a tea room. It is a space that soothes and calms the mind. It can accommodate up to 2 people.

Gathering together room

The Bamboo Room/Take-No-Ma

In the Bamboo Room, we have placed a comfortable sofa for relaxation. Please feel free to relax at your leisure.

The Pine Room/Matsu-No-Ma

In the Pine Room, we have prepared table seating. Feel free to use it for dining, having conversations, or for any other purpose at your convenience.

Common facilities


The bathroom is a fully tiled nostalgic Japanese-style bathroom. We considered replacing the tiles, but since the manufacturer has discontinued production, we have repaired the cracked parts using the traditional Japanese repair technique known as 'kintsugi'.



  • Wi-Fi
  • Fridge
  • Microwave oven
  • Electric kettle
  • Hairdryer
  • Various towels
  • Shampoo&Body Soap
  • Toothbrush

Guidelines for staying at Tabaki

  • As it is an old building, it does not have modern insulation or soundproofing.
  • There are many irreplaceable items in Tabaki. Please be careful when using the facilities. In case of damage, compensation will be required.
  • The neighborhood around Tabaki is a regular residential area, so please refrain from making loud noises or speaking loudly late at night.
  • There are no TVs or clocks in the main building of Tabaki.
  • The entire building of Tabaki is non-smoking.
  • For safety reasons, entering and exiting the garden after sunset is prohibited.
  • The use of the terrace seats with a view of the garden is until 9:00 PM.

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